Natálie Steklová
Born in Ostrava, Czech Republic on 5.7.1975.

Natalie studied Postgradual Studies at SPSO in Prague and at SPST in Liberec. Right after being expelled from the school (for “cheekyness”) she made it in the final round of “Smirnoff International Fashion Award” for young talents. Then she started to design clothes under her own new brand name “Kika” which was sold in New York and London and Amsterdam. In Prague the brand was sold in Myrnyx Tyrnyx boutique , Faux Pas store,Parazit,La femme Mimi,Kebab, and in LibenaRochovaStudio gallery.Kika fashion shows were a success in Slunicko 1998, Radost FX , Mecca and other leading Prague’s clubs1999-2004.
In April 2005 Natalie received “Talent Of The Season” award at Prague Fashion Week. This is the highest award for young designers in Czech Republic.

"I loved to work with Vietnamese and Thai silks, combining prints and drawings but most of all I love to work with ethnic fabrics inspired by traditional cultures and ideally also produced the original way… I love the combination of Asian influences with functional punk and I like sci-fi movies, especially the ones from 50’s, but maybe it’s just because there is always a lot of travelling there..., nowdays I mainly use bio cotton, bambus fabrics and recycled leather.
Green and fair trade is important for me.
Her major current inspiration are dolphins, She also stubbornly ignores the seasons.She now lives and works in Prague as fashion designer, stylist and illustrator. For more than 17 years she is one of the best and most progressive stylists in the country, named "the most sought – after stylist" by Czech lifestyle magazine "Hype" .......... next >>>